Joyeux Jour de la Dinde: Thanksgiving in Paris

I celebrated my third Thanksgiving away from home. I think it is getting easier with time…partially because I forget the resounding joy that came from my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations but also because I am learning to appreciate my new celebrations.

History of my Thanksgivings in France: The first one consisted of me eating chicken nuggets with a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old then attempting to find a normal Thanksgiving celebration which actually turned into getting sucked into attending mass in a Baptist church. The second one involved a seriously delicious meal between friends from all over the world at a fellow expat’s flat. And then there is today.

The night before Thanksgiving, I went out with some friends to a wine bar and then a little French restaurant. Originally we had planned for a Thanksgiving feast but due to our work schedules and the overwhelming nature of moving looming over our heads, we settled on celebrating French-giving. Therefore my meal of foie gras, saucisson, and Eggs Benedict washed down with a bottle of Beaujolais replaced turkey, mashed potatoes, and canned cranberry sauce.

The next day at work, I decided it was my mission to educate my coworkers about Thanksgiving. So the morning was spent the morning making hand turkeys and the afternoon was spent at our local brasserie. After our apero, bottle of wine, and my confit de canard, I am definitely feeling the typical Thanksgiving fullness. Now if only I could have some American football on to veg out too…

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate all that you can appreciate in your life. And that celebration can be in anyway you want. This year I am thankful for good friends: the new ones, the old ones, and the ones that have re-entered my life. I have had the greatest experience of my life living abroad and as it is shortly coming to a close I see how much I am truly thankful for the last couple years.

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**I realize that I am seriously behind on posting this… but I still wanted to put it up 🙂

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