Finding Peace in Thailand

I expected it to be great. It isn’t like I had low expectations… but I had no idea Thailand would be this wonderful. There is something about the place. The functional chaos of it all. Life is at a different pace. Thailand is a world apart from anything I know yet I find a strange […]


Venice and I had an instant love connection. Just seconds after arriving on the island, I knew this destination would rank among the top cities I have been to. The sun was shining and the bright blue skies reflected in the water that was filled with ornately decorated gondolas. Venetian masks hung from the stands […]

Mein Wochenende in München

One of the best parts of living abroad is the opportunity to travel more easily and for cheaper. Being in France, I am very central in Western Europe so therefore I can fly a lot of places (or even take the train) and arrive in a relatively short amount of time. I made it a […]

A Bit of Botany in the City

Every once in a while I decide to be a tourist in Paris. When you live somewhere, it isn’t like you go to a new spot, museum, or attraction every weekend. Yes, I live in Paris. Yes, my city is awesome. But yes, this is also my life. Sometimes I think that people have a […]

Sun and Tapas Make Everything Better

I have been under a massive amount of stress lately. Last week I think I cried just about everyday. I realize I am making a giant decision to stay in a foreign country, pick up a 9 to 6 job, and live by myself. I get it but sometimes those things that seem like difficult […]