Paris Food Truck: Le Camion Qui Fume


I finally did it. I ate at Le Camion Qui Fume. The food truck phenomena has been on the scene only a short time in Paris but is exploding. It has been on my to-do list since learning about it.

Why now? The night it decided to be 4°C in Paris? Well, because I only have 8 weeks left and I am on a mission. I have read all these blog posts about Le Camion Qui Fume and I have been so anxious to go.

Campagne Burger and fries

Le Camion Qui Fume was the first real gourmet food truck in Paris. It serves delicious burgers and fries. Burgers include topping like caramelized onions, real cheddar (oui! le vrai cheddar!!), bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese, the list goes on. The fries are crispy and the meal doesn’t break your bank. 10€ for a burger and fries–nice compared to the usual Paris price of 15€ for a mediocre burger.

The chef who started it, Kristin, is a native Californian who studied at the famous French cooking school Ferrandi. Shortly after her studies, she decided to combine the amazing French food with the awesome food truck idea.

Expect to wait. Try to get there early as food is only available while it lasts.

Even after standing in freezing weather I thought it was worth it. I had the Campagne burger, which came with cheddar, onions, mayo, mushrooms and aged gruyére. The burger was perfectly cooked and the all the tastes of the extras complimented each other. The brioche bun with sesame seeds was the perfect way to keep it all together.

The staff is friendly and watching them rock out to their tunes while making our burgers helped pass the time in line. The truck has other treats for sell such as peanut butter Twix and Snickers, Dr. Pepper, and cheesecake if you need a little sweetness after your burger.

If you want to take a break from all that French food, or just try a culinary delight, I highly recommend Le Camion Qui Fume. Hunt down their location on Twitter or their website.


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Which food truck in Paris do you prefer? Le Camion Qui Fume or Cantine California?

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