Herb Lover’s Dream: Pearson’s Gardens


I sorta have an obsession with growing herbs. It is a somewhat new obsession but it has progressed quickly. While growing something edible was always a goal of mine, after having success with my first one it has gone into a full-blown hobby. There is something soothing about walking onto my balcony and escaping into my own little garden. Our tiny apartment now has life!

I usually look for nurseries and garden stores around me but still found my self still searching for the herbs on my “want” list. Recently, I made a trip to Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm in Vista, CA. My parents had been and knew I would love it–it is a mecca for people who grow their own herbs.


Founded back in 1981, Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm boasts to have the largest selection of herbs in the state of California. They have nearly 1000 unique varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, scented geraniums, etc. Most of the plants are basking in the warm sun on the farm but there is also a green house. The people who work there are friendly and knowledgeable. I totally got sucked in and almost doubled the amount of plants growing on my balcony with all I bought that day.


You can also find homemade soaps, birdhouses, pots, and potting soil. While the prices on the plants were extremely reasonable, I suggest buying your pots or potting mix elsewhere. The staff also says you can contact them with questions when caring for your herbs. It was hard for me not to want to buy everything!!


I managed to spend a few hours here scouring the herbs. Makes for a fun day and be careful because you might just become addicted!! Karran even walked out of there with something!

birdhouse.pearsons gardens

Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm
1150 Beverly Dr, Vista, CA 92084
(760) 726-0717


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