Frenchies Bar à Vins

Frenchies is a staple in Paris. Everyone knows about it and everyone wants a reservation. It’s a hot spot for expats and French people alike. So in order to make his fantastic creations more available to the public, the culinary genius Greg Marchand, opened Frenchies Bar à Vins. Also tiny and now almost just as popular, the wine bar has delicious food and an impressive wine list. Everything is well presented and there even is somewhat of a show as the chefs perform behind a glass window in this tiny bar. The dishes are small and simple, but shockingly mouth-watering. Marchand has the ability to make a simple tortellini dish into one of the best things I have eaten in Paris. Another great thing about Frenchies wine bar is if you come here with friends, you can basically order everything on the small menu and share. Why not try it all, right?

The choice was tough when deciding what to order because everything on the menu looked phenomenal. Each plate they brought out from the kitchen looked as appetizing as the next. For someone who loves food and hates decisions, I found this to be quite the challenge. However, I decided on the foie gras served with a fig chutney, ricotta-stuffed tortellini cooked in butter and sage, cheese plate with 2 types of British cheese, and finished it all off with a tarte tatin served with sage ice cream. It was a marathon of delicious tastes and although each of them was spectacular, the tortellini takes the cake. I enjoyed the combination of flavors of the rich, caramel in the tarte tatin and the refreshing sage in the ice cream. They perfectly complimented each other. I also really enjoy that they give you options for your cheese plate—they list the choices and then you are able to pick which ones and how many you want.

The ambiance is cozy with décor in dark wood and brick. The rustic tables are carefully placed in every nook and cranny but as they are raised and equipped with high, steel bar stools, I didn’t feel too cramped. The wine bar does not take reservations, but while waiting for a table you can sip on a glass of their fantastic wine and loiter around the bar. A blessing and a curse, there is no pressure once you are seated to move on making the people seated quite happy and the people waiting quite anxious. I am not sure if we just had good timing or good luck, but we were able to be seated when we walked in. Since I left there, I have been thinking of the next time I will get to go again. It definitely took the spot of my favorite wine bar in Paris.

 Now the real question is…exactly how much of that tortellini can I fit in during my last 3 weeks in Paris?

Frenchies Bar à Vins
5-6, rue du Nil 75002 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)
Métro: Sentier (line 3)
Open: Monday to Friday from 7pm to 10:30pm.
No reservations

**I apologize for the awful quality of pictures. My Samsung really didn’t like the lighting apparently. Just know these crappy pictures do not do Frenchies Bar à Vins justice.

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