Enjoying Fall in Paris

Beautiful fall colors fill the Place des Voges

We have officially hit cold weather in Paris. The days are shorter and it is dark before I leave work. All of the brown and golden leaves are clinging to their last days on the trees. I had been in denial, but finally succumbed to the season and pulled out my winter gear. I now wrap myself in a giant scarf and a heavy jacket before I leave my flat, checking a beanie and gloves are in my purse just in case. Last year I almost froze to death in my flat but luckily my good friend let me borrow here extra space heater. There is hope I will make it home for Christmas!!

I am not a huge fan of the cold, but I am of the seasons changing. I think it is because I was deprived of seasons almost my whole life until now. I am not complaining because I have no issue with the southern California weather of nice and nicer, but I have quite enjoyed living somewhere with real seasons. I like having cute winter clothes and an excuse to wear a different scarf everyday (clearly an obsession of mine). Plus, the cold weather is a perfect excuse to stop in for a café gourmand somewhere and warm up!

Enjoying a warm moccacino to avoid the cold!!

Last weekend, it was so cold that I moved from one place to eat to the other. Not good for the extra kilos, but helpful in my whole make-the-most-of-your-last-days-in-Paris scheme. I did manage to brave the cold long enough to enjoy the brocante (sort of a flea market) we stumbled upon. Full of knick-knacks and hidden treasures, brocantes are something I can explore for hours. I was lucky enough to have found some Christmas presents and my favorite stand was filled with old postcards. I found one of the fountain in my front yard!


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