About Miss Coco Marie

I am a 20-something southern California native. Although a huge fan of the beach and Mexican food, I decided to trade it in after graduating college for wide boulevards and baguettes and packed my bags in 2010 to move to Paris. For almost 3 years I lived in the City of Lights, before returning to sunny California. I have been through a whirlwind of experiences living abroad and traveling. I love to eat, take pictures, live a healthy lifestyle, and no matter where I am in the world I still manage to talk to my family daily (thank goodness for Skype!).

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Life in France

I originally went to France as an au pair to care for 2 rambunctious boys who had a tendency to poop everywhere. Though my life full of caca and my little French village provided me with countless stories, I wanted to make my dream of living in Paris a reality. Throwing myself into the job search, I managed to land an awesome job for a French destination management company. After jumping over hurdles and flying through hoops of the French administration for a year, I got myself a petite flat in the center of Paris and an official work visa.

Living in Paris was a beyond incredible experience and I reminisce about it daily, however the need to be close to my family (and constant sunshine!) lured me back to California.


After living in Paris for several years and traveling to over 15 countries, I can proudly call myself a travel junkie. I am completely addicted to travel and start to get antsy if I haven’t gone somewhere new in a month. Although I started this blog to share my experiences with friends and family, I have now devoted myself to inspiring others to get off their butt. I am a huge travel advocate and I think everyone should be doing it. I also want to share my adventure of living abroad and then returning back to a “normal” life. Even though I don’t live abroad anymore, I travel any chance I get!

Life Now

I now live near the beach and have another wonderful job. Life has completely changed since my days in Paris but I still continue to explore the world around me. My blog is an eclectic mix of travel, foodlifestyle, and any other adventures that come my way.

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