New Meets Old in Paris

There are several spots when I was living in Paris that I found myself going back to again and again. Each one for a different reason but all of them important for what they gave to me. One of the most popular spots was just a 2 minute walk from my flat near Centre Georges […]

Love Letter to Paris

My dearest Paris, It has come time to part ways. I am happy to know that we are not leaving on bad terms and that I will hold our time together always in my heart. The last few years we have spent together have truly been the greatest of my life. You have brought my […]


In honor of my last few days living here, I am going to dub this Paris Week. I am going to share my favorite, and not so favorite, moments while I am reflecting on my time here. Like I have said over and over, this truly has been an incredible but challenging few years. It […]

Joyeux Jour de la Dinde: Thanksgiving in Paris

I celebrated my third Thanksgiving away from home. I think it is getting easier with time…partially because I forget the resounding joy that came from my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations but also because I am learning to appreciate my new celebrations. History of my Thanksgivings in France: The first one consisted of me eating chicken nuggets […]

Frenchies Bar à Vins

Frenchies is a staple in Paris. Everyone knows about it and everyone wants a reservation. It’s a hot spot for expats and French people alike. So in order to make his fantastic creations more available to the public, the culinary genius Greg Marchand, opened Frenchies Bar à Vins. Also tiny and now almost just as […]

The Kale Project

“Kale is the one food where after I eat it I feel happy, healthy, cleansed, and alive.” One of the coolest things about being an expat is the people you meet and the community you create. Kristen Beddard from The Kale Project is no exception. Interested in her project and helping spread the word, I […]

Brunch in Paris: Rose Bakery

The unmarked, simple entrance is easy to pass but luckily your nose will guide you to the delicious smells of the freshly baked goodies Rose Bakery. This French-Anglo restaurant’s minimalist design is the perfect to setting to enjoy the scrumptious brunch or a fresh salad for lunch. The owner, Rose Carranini, has succeeded in her […]