There has been a record-breaking amount of sun lately… 3 days in a row! I can hardly believe it. What has gotten in to Paris?!?

It is beginning to stay later longer and I have the feeling Spring is just around the corner. I had almost forgotten how beautiful this city is in the sunlight… I know this is all one of Paris’s sneaky tricks and spring is much further away than I think but I like to pretend that maybe sometime soon the forecast will have temperatures all in the positives. I cannot wait to picnic or leave the house without four layers of clothes on. I like the seasons but it is time to move on. I want to see the blossoming flowers and take walks along the Seine.

I want my favorite Paris to come back. It is like I have missed an old friend.

One thought on “Spring… Are you here yet?

  • Dad

    We know the feeling. It is like you visiting for a short while. Or us beieng able to Skype with you. It is just a tease. It is not enough!

    By the way, do you know we miss you?!


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