Heywood: LA’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Spot


I am a huge fan of grilled cheese. How could you not like America’s favorite comfort food?Luckily I grew up with the world’s best grilled cheese maker, my mom, but as I get older I still search for innovative ways restaurants make this classic sandwich. There is nothing that makes me more angry than ordering a $9 grilled cheese and being disappointed. You would think it wouldn’t be tough to screw up but somehow restaurants mess up the goodness–not Heywood.


Heywood, named after the cheese-loving poet, opened in 2012 in the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood in LA. They offer gourmet spins on traditional grilled cheese like the Bon Apetite Brie with French brie and fig jam or the Holy Grail made with short rib, kimchee, and smoked Gouda. They are served with a side salad so you don’t feel overly guilty about indulging. The best part is each one is served with a small cup of tomato bisque for dipping! Heywood got the grilled cheese thing right. Their  gourmet and fresh ingredients are combined to make unique and lip-smacking grilled cheeses–highly recommended!!


heywood decor


The restaurant is tiny with limited seating and is filled with eclectic door. The wall is filled with cheese quotes, pictures, and plants that will keep you looking throughout your whole meal. While the prices are a little steep for grilled cheese ($9-14), I definitely think it is worth it. Check out Heywood and find your favorite grilled cheese creation!



3337 W Sunset Blvd
Silver Lake
Los Angeles

Do you have another favorite grilled cheese place? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Big fan of yours says: Reply

    I too have been here and agree completely. Great place when you are craving comfort food. The food is satisfying and the atmosphere is exciting!
    Worth visiting for sure.

    1. Glad you agree!
      Coco Marie recently posted..Heywood: LA’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese SpotMy Profile

  2. This place was great! Quite unexpected, on my part. I was not expecting much, and thought the prices were high for grilled cheese, however, I was pleasantly pleased.

    The location is interesting. Coco failed to mention there is a little bakery right next door, so save room for dessert! There is a ‘home’-like feeling in Heywoods. It is definitely not high-tech or fast-food, it is just real good food. While you are waiting, there are quotes on the wall to make you think and are great conversation starters.

    The true test: would I recommend Heywoods – YES! Would I return for more – YES! Would I like to try everything on the menu – YES! We are not always in this area of LA, and when we are, there are so many different choices for eating. Now Heywoods will be on our list of places to consider.

    I am fortunate to have an excellent grilled cheese at home. My wife is the ‘master’ of grilled cheese! So, I do not often order grilled cheese when we go out, and if I do, I inevitably am disappointed. Heywoods did not disappoint. But, in all honesty, considering the drive, and the cost, my wife’s grilled cheese remains #1 for me. For everyone else, go to Heywoods!

    1. Haha. I love that my reader’s get my post and yours!!! Thanks for the input Dad and it was such a great day. While Mom does an amazing job, not everyone can have her so Heywood is a safe bet 🙂

      And perhaps I purposely did not mention the cupcake shop next door in this post… Stay tuned!

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