France it is.

1:36 am. Still awake. Why? Because I am obsessed.

I just got off Skype with my dear friend in France. Can my 9 months just start now? I know if may seem fast that I decided but France has always been the one on top. If I go… I am going to France….

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Where to Au Pair: Italy or France?

So I spent a lazy day at home, (which are usually rare for me,) pondering my potential au pair locations. I went to Europe– London, Paris, and Rome– in 2005 with a student group. So today I decided to reminisce and watch the video that was made from the trip. Just as amazing as when I was there.

Europe is calling me. I know I was meant to live there… at least for a portion of my life….

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After Graduation: So what now?

As I sit here it seems that May is coming much faster than I would have hoped. We just spiraled into 2010, not even knowing where 2009 had gone. I just can’t believe it. I mean I feel like I just started college. Where did the 4 years go?

I have always been someone who knew where I was going. I declared my major as a freshman and never looked back….

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