About Me

Like many of my digital nomad friends, I too was once in a 9-to-5 and felt the urge to break free to see the world around me. However, this wasn’t just cause by cubicle boredom–I have always been this way. After I graduated college, I turned down an incredible job offer to go and be an au pair in France. Not having studied abroad, I knew I needed to experience a new culture and au pairing made that possible for me. About 9 months after cleaning up toodler poop everyday and realizing there was more to life in France than this, I landed a job for a French company and move to the center of Paris. I lived in France for about 3 years until the call of sunshine, tacos, and my family grew to strong and I headed back to San Diego.

After living a somewhat normal life with a steady job (while still traveling as much as I could), I met an awesome guy who happened to be about as obsessed with seeing the world (and eating our way through it!) as I was. So here I am again, I just quit my job and we will be on the road again. This time to Southeast Asia. I will share the ups and downs of our new life so follow us on our adventures!