Where to Eat: Minneapolis, MN

Never did I think I would find myself in Minnesota, but Minneapolis surprised me. No, you won’t see me packing up my bags and moving to the frozen tundra but I definitely found myself pleasantly surprised with this bustling city. Being there for work, I only had a very limited time to enjoy the city so of […]

Heywood: LA’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Spot

I am a huge fan of grilled cheese. How could you not like America’s favorite comfort food?Luckily I grew up with the world’s best grilled cheese maker, my mom, but as I get older I still search for innovative ways restaurants make this classic sandwich. There is nothing that makes me more angry than ordering […]

New Meets Old in Paris

There are several spots when I was living in Paris that I found myself going back to again and again. Each one for a different reason but all of them important for what they gave to me. One of the most popular spots was just a 2 minute walk from my flat near Centre Georges […]

Herb Lover’s Dream: Pearson’s Gardens

I sorta have an obsession with growing herbs. It is a somewhat new obsession but it has progressed quickly. While growing something edible was always a goal of mine, after having success with my first one it has gone into a full-blown hobby. There is something soothing about walking onto my balcony and escaping into […]

Love Letter to Paris

My dearest Paris, It has come time to part ways. I am happy to know that we are not leaving on bad terms and that I will hold our time together always in my heart. The last few years we have spent together have truly been the greatest of my life. You have brought my […]


In honor of my last few days living here, I am going to dub this Paris Week. I am going to share my favorite, and not so favorite, moments while I am reflecting on my time here. Like I have said over and over, this truly has been an incredible but challenging few years. It […]

Joyeux Jour de la Dinde: Thanksgiving in Paris

I celebrated my third Thanksgiving away from home. I think it is getting easier with time…partially because I forget the resounding joy that came from my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations but also because I am learning to appreciate my new celebrations. History of my Thanksgivings in France: The first one consisted of me eating chicken nuggets […]